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Young Hero Varun Sandesh's Friends In Very Tension

There was a time when friends of hero Varun Sandesh were beaming with pride. Well, their friend was scoring a string of hits. Eventually, they started getting worried since this was followed by a string of flops and that has been continuing.

However, it is now heard that they are worried about Varun for a different reason. That is known to all. Yes, we are talking about Varun’s link to the drug peddlers and his name was taken by one of the accused. With Varun making rounds to the police stations, his friends are expressing concern.

From Varun’s end, he has reportedly said “Please don’t put tension on me, I have 80 year old grandparents who are already shaken by the whole thing. Just because someone has given my name, the media is focussing on me with over enthusiasm.” While Varun may be right, the media circles say ‘without smoke there will be no fire’. Let us see what happens next.

Senior Top Hero's 300 Crore Property In Telangana

If you thought that politics is just the right of the crooked leaders then you are wrong. It appears that there are a few in the cinema industry as well who know how to use political movements for their advantage and ensure that their future is safe and secure.

The reason for this topic is the buzz making rounds in film nagar about senior hero Suman. Lately, Suman has emerged out of the blue and has been coming up with pro-Telangana statements and has announced he would give away part of his land to the Telangana movement.

While some are yet to conceive why he is doing this out of nowhere, here is the inside truth. A close source of Suman revealed “Suman has properties in and around Hyderabad and few suburbs in the Telangana region. They are worth Rs 300 crores. So all this drama is to protect his wealth by posing like a sympathiser.” Already, there is a talk in the industry that Suman is known for making tall claims but not fulfilling any. So, the T-Folks need not be sure about this actor giving away his lands for the movement. 

Tapsee: "We Both Have Same Dimples"

Well, here is new title for titillating tapsee. Apparently the actress is going high in career with offers flowing from all South languages. Now, one of our heroes have complimented tapsee as ‘Second Preity Zinta’ or for that matter even beautiful than Preity. Ask tapsee and she accepts the praise with a sweet smile.

‘I have been compared to Preity Zinta since I was in Class 8th. In fact, I have been compared to several other actresses as well. And it is natural for people to try and associate an actress with another famous actress. Needless to say, I take it as a huge compliment because Preity is a beautiful woman and an extremely talented actress. I might look like Preity at first glance with my face cut and dimples. We both have similar dimples. But there is much more to me than just these features. I am also an actress in the industry and as a performing actor I would like to have my own identity. Our personalities are different and so is our repertoire,’ said tapsee.

Heroine Anushka Sharma Bikini Keeps Anushka Shetty in Trouble

Tamil media seems to be very much eyeing on raising unnecessary controversies around South heroine Anushka Shetty. After the famous engagement gossip, few of the journalists have frustrated Sweety to the core questioning her about bikini of Bollywood babe Anushka Sharma. We already knew that morphing experts have posted the bikini pics of Anushka Sharma on net and popularized the same.

Journalists repeatedly questioned Anushka Shetty on these pics trying to raise some spice in subject. Frustrated Sweety replied, ‘Why can’t you see the difference between Anushka Sharma and Anushka Shetty? Why don’t you observe the difference in both of our faces? It is minimum knowledge for a journalist to differentiate between Shetty and Sharma.’ Poor Sweety is troubled by Sharma’s morphed bikini. On the other side, Anushka Sharma remained silent on this total issue.

Mini Shakeela Doing Maxi Business!!!

TV artist Waheeda is awarded the title of Mini Shakeela even without her film ‘Anagarigam’ is released. There is always a factor of excitement in small screen artists to grow big and rise to an enviable position on big screen. Same seems to be the reason behind Waheeda getting into limelight with her very first adult contented flick ‘Anagarigam’ promotion material.

The hardcore posters of Waheeda in tempting postures have become biggest business weapon for ‘Anagarigam.’ Inner sources are saying; business for Telugu dubbing rights is in final stages for a maximum whopping amount. On the other side, Waheeda might get busy both on small and big screen after the release of ‘Anagarigam.’

Twist in Heroine Kajal Agarwal's "Singham" Story

‘singham,’ the direct Hindi remake of Telugu hit ‘Yamudu’ (Tamil ‘singham’) with Ajay Devgn and Kajal Agarwal in the lead roles is released on Friday all over the world. Good to see, reviews of this movie hitting the websites with positive remarks writing it as BO blockbuster much before the release for typical action masala from director Rohit Shetty. Staying in tune with pre-release hype, first day total collection was Rs.14 Crore (without release in Karnataka).

Bollywood sources are suggesting that, problems are to start now for the roaring of ‘singham.’  Post release, ratings and reviews have been disappointing with famous critics and media men awarding third class or below average marks. They have simply rubbed the flick as nonsense action with out conviction. Well, after watching Salman Kahan’s ‘Wanted’ and ‘Dabangg’ with plenty of action, now trade analysts are really doubtful on the long run of ‘singham.’ So, heroine Kajal gets the twist in her B-town debut tale.

Big Fight Between South Hot Bombs

namitha and Sona are two popular Southern sex bombs. While namitha is hardcore fantasy element for youngsters who acted with top heroes, Sona is also marked and raised for boundless exposing. Recently Sona played a vamp kind of asset throwing show in ‘Rangam’ which fetched her acclaims. Apparently, this character has also earned her the wrath of namitha, on whom this role is reportedly modelled.

Sona had sent an SMS to namitha asking her if she was upset with the role. namitha had apparently replied, ‘It was OK. Don’t call me never again.’ Speaking on the issue, Sona said ‘I did send an SMS to namitha telling her the role was a fictious one and I was just acting in it. I told her I had nothing personal against her. But she didn’t respond. But I didn’t try calling her.’ Like Bollywood, our South do have silly fights between sex bombs.

Venkey.. Not Happy With 'Bodyguard' Director

Gopichand Malineni is a typical mass masala director as what we have seen in ‘Don Seenu.’ Impressed with this work, Venkatesh and Bellamkonda shouldered the responsibility of remaking Malayalam ‘Bodyguard’ into Telugu and the shoot is in progress. The way things are moving on sets isn’t impressing Venkatesh from last few days, say inner sources. 

The latest buzz in the filmnagar circles is Victory Venkatesh is not happy with the director of his upcoming film Ganga The Bodyguard, Gopichand Malineni. Tollywood sources are abuzz that Venky who usually is calm and cool on the sets of his films is right now fuming and losing his patience.

Reason is that Gopi being not clear on script, scenes and dialogues. Normally a calm and composed Venky is fuming and shunting the director for making entire unit fall into confusions, there by wasting the precious time and resources of director.

As an experienced hero, Venkatesh wants to give more than 100% for any flick and it forms the duty of director to squeeze maximum out of artists but Gopichand seems to be still with hit memories of ‘Don Seenu.’

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