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Chalo Dilli 2011 Hindi Movie Review

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Film: Chalo Dilli

Starring: Lara Dutta & Vinay Pathak

Director: Shashant Shah

Producer: Krishika Lulla,Lara Dutta,Mahesh Bhupathi

Banner: Big Daddy Productions,Eros International Media Ltd

Music: Gourov Dasgupta, Anand Raj Anad, Sachin Gupta

Chalo Dilli sees Lara Dutta and her husband Mahesh Bhupathi turning producers for the first time. Directed by Shashant Shah the film explores the journey that a rich lady goes through to go to Delhi before visiting the true colors of India. Vinay Pathak takes the mantle of dropping Lara in Delhi. The film’s genre is comedy drama.

In the film Lara plays the role of Mihika Mukherjee who is a senior vice president of a top multinational financial institution in Mumbai. A jet setter, no nonsense women, and she clearly knows on which side of the world she is on before dividing it into winners and losers.

In the film she is heading back home from Mumbai to Delhi to meet her banker husband who stays at Delhi. As Mihika misses the flight she then encounters Manu Gupta played by Vinay Pathak, a fat and noisy 'Ladies Cut-piece' merchant who owns a small 10 by 10 shop at Karol Bagh, Chandni Chowk Delhi.

Manu turns out to be exactly opposite to Mihika. He is showcased as a guy who speaks loud on a phone in theatre and spits Gutka on passageway. Though he is very smart, street smart at times it goes over board and as Mihika is struck with him by fate it goes bizarre and they had to face consequences.

As both are struck together to get back to Delhi what follows is a comedy of errors with full of adventures and crazy madness. After encountering what circumstances they reach Delhi follow the rest of the screenplay of the film.

As the film is road movie, the traveling that one goes through while watching it would be safe. The film which starts on a positive note with Manu striking the right chord with his wackiest and wittiest lines though loses its way in the middle comes back strongly towards the end. The director’s way of presenting humor relates to everyone as the funny moments in the film are very realistic and laughable unlike the other films that one went through the other week where the director tries hard to make the audiences laugh.

Although some characters that come into the film leave no positive impression it is the lead actors who’ll take the film till the climax. Exceptions like the ticket checker and the Bengali couple that Manu and Mihika encounter in the train, are at best drivable. Post train episode the film hardly has the same impact as the writing and direction are not handled very carefully.

The simple narration of the film takes you to the journey of Mihika and Manu and the bonding is evidently seen as bhaisaheb and behenji are clearly adorable in their respective characters. The title track should have been used more in the background as it leaves a positive impact while one watches the film. Though tracks don’t play an in integral part in the film, Laila O Laila and Matargashtiya' are laudable. In films of this genre the photography should hit the bull’s eye but at times it is not up to the mark.

On the whole it is Vinay Pathak who steals the show with his bindaaz and caring attitude. As a saree trader form Chandni Chowk he carries the film on his shoulders with able support from Lara Dutta. Dutta slightly out of action in some scenes makes up to it as the film progresses. As a jet setter, no nonsense women, Lara delivers her role with every conviction. It is the duo who are the saviors of this film, and add to its writing though it has it negative outcomes. As mentioned earlier Brijendra Kala, the ticket checker, leaves the utmost impact and so does the couple from bengal. A special mention should be made to the dialogues of the film as they suited the mood and given more scope for the lead to perform

Chalo Dilli is a fun and a time pass movie that one can be entertained this weekend. Watch out for the cameo of Akshay Kumar in the film.
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