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Manchivadu Telugu Movie Review

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Manchivadu Review – Manchivadu Movie Review: Super Good Films is one of the very few banners which draw audience to theatres with its brand name. SGF is known for formulaic films with heavy dose of sentiment targeted at ladies and mass audience. Manchivadu from Mega Super Good Films has that stamp all over it. This movie is formulaic, sentimental and yeah of course ‘boring’. Here is the complete review…


Raja (Taneesh) is the grandson of a retired IAS officer (K. Vishwanadh). His grandfather hates him so much because Raja isn’t educated and does nothing to lead his life. Then comes Raja’s cousin Indu (Bhama) from US in to his life. She is well educated and beautiful and Raja falls for her in his first sight. Enters Ramesh (Shiva) who is also cousin to Raja and he has all the virtual aspects for making Indu to fall in his love.

But Raja with the help of his friend (Raghu Babu) cooks up a fake love story and says that he was dumped by his lover. Indu believes and sympathizes him and one day that girl comes for real in to Raja’s life. Will Raja’s love on Indu prove successful? What happens to the girl who enters Raja’s life as his lover? All these questions are answered in the second half of the film.


Director Deepthi came up with a clichéd story in which first half of the film has nothing but so called mass comedy. It is very loud that it would be a serious test for the audience patience. Every actor hams big time and the director never gave a chance for a breather with the loudness in the proceedings. Only interesting point in the film comes during the intermission break.

But again the film falls back into the same loud zone and all of a sudden it turns gloomy and dramatic. Brand Super Good comes into foreground out of nowhere and the hyper active lead man turns sober and silky soft. From then on every scene and dialog resembles a Television serial with heavy dose of glycerin.

Thanks to the director that he didn’t end this movie on a clichéd note. Had he done that Manchivadu might have ended up as a good for nothing film. However, the director should’ve ended this film with an anti climax. The final scene is complete waste and unwanted. Director opted for a happy ending but in that process has harmed the characterization of hero.


Tanish is energetic and confident actor. He did well within his limits. But he should work on his histrionics in comedic scenes. In those scenes he is very loud and on par with actor Raghubabu in loudness. Bhama is another pretty face who can’t emote at all. Shiva is Okay. Vishwanadh is standard. Jayanthi went overboard in few scenes. Raghubabu’s loud comedy should please lower classes. Madhavi Latha and Sonia did cameos. Others all helped the proceedings.


Gangothri Viswanadh dialogues are TV serial stuff. Such dialogs won’t work with film going audience. Sirpi’s music is pretty ordinary. He followed SA Raj Kumar’s pattern probably to please the producers who have been seriously addicted to SARK’s music. Background score is pathetic at the best. Venugopalan cinematography lacked quality. There is no consistency in the lighting and framings. Editing has many jump cuts. Production values are mediocre.

Such films don’t give any scope for the director to sparkle. Deepthi should blame himself for writing such weak storyline and wavered screenplay.

Plus Points:

- Wait, let me think!

Minus points:

- Gosh, there are far too many!

Final Word:

Manchivadu is targeted at ladies and B, C audience who doesn’t bother to watch loud entertainment and heavy dose of sentiment. This is standard super good movie and if you’re a loyal fan of theirs, then give it a try. Rest all can rest in peace.

Manchivadu Review rating: 2.25/5

Banner: Super Good Films
Cast: Tanish, Bhama, K.Vishwanadh
Music: Shilpi
Producers: NV Prasad, Paras Jain
Director: Lakshminaryana
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