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Ragini MMS 2011 Telugu Movie Review

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Banner: I Rock Production
Casting: Kainaz Motivala, Raj Kumar Yadav
Music: Faizan Hussain
Producer: Ekta Kapoor,Shobha Kapoor
Direction: Pavan Kirpalani
Ragini MMS is one of the most awaited movie in the year considering the hype the movie produced before its release which created positive vibes among the public this movie is a sex-induced paranormal thriller  which got inspired from paranormal activity a Hollywood movie was made in Hindi with the nativity, Here is the Ragini MMS review for you.
The story is all about a couple played by  Kainaz Motivala in the role of (Ragini), and Raj Kumar Yadav as Uday, they plan there weekend at a friend farm house and the difficulties they face there the farm house has a setup which has resemblances with the big boss program house and has cameras almost every where in the house, which will be an arrangement by Uday to become successful as a hero and when things start getting naughty between them they face a un expected threat from an evil in the house and the rest is how they undergo the difficulty's which they face due to the evil.

Ragini MMS is a very Good Paranormal thriller made up with lot of excellent scenes which shows the excellence of the director the scenes in which worms are showed on the table and in which the polythene bag unfolds itself and showing an eye ball of woman in the second half are really terrifying. The first half goes dry with a couple of romantic scenes and nothing much to say but the movie picks up in the second half and makes the audience thrilled.

The movie relies more on the untouched story telling nothing is clear in the movie there is no point in it except that there is a devil in the house which kills every one who comes this is a movie for lovers of horror movies because it has nothing but horror in it which was not perfectly executed.

Ekta Kapoor needs special appreciation for making a movie with most of the new comers and in a very minimum budget and for her exceptional way of promoting it.

Uday played by Raj Kumar yadav was good in his role and so was ragini played by Kainaz Motivala was good in her role and the two friends roles did there part in the movie. Uday action was not up to the mark in the horror scenes and ragini was a bit better when compared to him in the horror scenes.

Back ground score by  Faizan Hussain, Agnel Boman is simply superb in the movie, Cinematography by Tribhuvan Babu is very well done, director Pawan Kripalani who has chosen real life subject and blended it with horror and sex has done a good job. Pawan knows his job well and knows what works best with audiences. His direction has some freshness but lacks clarity the story ends up no where and leaves confusion among the audience.

Plus Points:
- Back Ground Score by  Faizan Hussain, Agnel Boman
- Some Excellent scenes  acted well by the actors
- The remixed version of Hanuman Chalisa gives you some moral boost at the start of the movie where titles appear on the screen

Minus Points:
- All Except the above
Final Word: Watch the movie if you are a die hard fan of Horror and thriller movies
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