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Veera 2011 Telugu Movie Review

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Behind the Movie Veera: Mass Maharaj Raviteja is coming with in a minimum gap after the hit ‘Mirapakay.’ With beautiful heroines Kajal Agarwal and Tapsee in the lead, this movie is made on highest ever budget in Raviteja’s career. Let us see how far director Ramesh Varma excelled in showing his ‘Veera’?

In the Movie Veera:
Movie starts with ACP Shyam Sundar (Shyam) taking on dangerous local goon Dhanraj (Rahul Dev) and his brothers. As a revenge Dhanraj kills Shyam’s cute little son and also targets his daughter. Quickly Police department provides special security to Shyam and his family in the name of officer Deva (Raviteja) who gets very close to all the family members except Shyam’s wife Satya (Sridevi). Deva lives along with Tiger (Brahmanandam) in the out house of ACP.

Aiky (Tapsee) is neighbor to Satya and obviously falls in love for Deva’s heroism. As Deva continuously protects the family of Shyam from clutches of Dhanraj, here comes one more villain Peda Venkata Raidu (Pradeep Rawat) searching for Satya. As story moves on, one fine day Dhanraj gets a chance to kill Shyam but Peda Venkata Naidu spoils the plot by shooting Deva.

Now, Satya reveals a flash back that Deva is none other than her brother whose name if Veera Venkata Satya Narayana aka Veera (Raviteja), son of Surya Pratap Naidu (Nazar), a god like man in the village of Sadashiva Puram. Once again it’s the feud between good and bad in village. Bad here is Peda Venkata Naidu and his supporter Katam Naidu (Supreet) who wants to sell the village lands but Veera lives for village and villagers. In this fight, Peda Venkata Naidu kills the entire family of Veera including his wife Kabaddi Chitti (Kajal Agarwal) and escapes from the village. Now, it is left for Veera to save his sister Satya and brother-in-law Shyam. How far Veera succeeded in this? How did he take revenge on Peda Venkata Naidu? forms the climax.

Values of the Movie Veera: Story of the film is laborious with plenty of characters and piles of drama but nothing new to point out. Story by Ramesh Varma is a dead line beaten millions of times on Telugu screen. Definitely screenplay by Ramesh Varma failed in every aspect. Even as a director he utterly disappointed by remaining unsuccessful in building the emotions and intensity in narration. Cinematography by Chota K Naidu gave a rich look to each frame making Raviteja look handsome in first half. Editing by Goutham Raju was a pack of blunders. Result is that we have got a lengthy film of three hours. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi failed to generate any punch. Hand of Paruchuri Brothers in scripting hasn’t done any great help. Thaman’s music is unappealing and songs are placed very oddly. Production values of Sanvi are top notch but surely a wrong investment.      

Performance wise Raviteja was better in first half as Deva. There were regular comic scenes filled with trademark Raviteja mannerisms. Once flashback starts, audience can clearly judge that Raviteja was a mismatch to the character of Veera. He can never be an Indra like Chiranjeevi or Narasimha Naidu like Balakrishna. He is just Raviteja.  Character of Kajal Agarwal is sketched well as Kabaddi Chitti, it is Tapsee just taken for the sake of songs. Villainy by Pradeep Rawat was routine with ear breaking noise. Sridevi and Shyam carried their characters up to perfection. Comedy wise Brahmi and Ali generated good laughs in first and second half respectively. Among others Divya Vani isn’t great while Roja, Vijay Kumar, Telangana Shakuntala, Sudha, Nazar, Supreet, Naga Babu are okay.

Out of the Movie Veera: Tastes of audience (including masses) have grown up. Mixing the stories of Bhasha, Indra, Samara Simha Reddy and Narasimha Naidu and cooking a pale one like ‘Veera’ with too many imperfections can never be acceptable. When entire second half is pulled with lengthy scenes that never looked appealing, how can Raviteja alone save the film?  More than all these, interval bang was enough for audience to guess as what could be the second half. There were no anxious moments through out. With nothing like an extra ordinary plot and no effective description, ‘Veera’ will be a boring tale for audience who expect something new. For average moviegoer, ‘Veera’ might be appealing only in glitches.

First half was entertaining with few twists leading to a bang interval. Second half is totally flashback with heavy blood shed and action filled climax. Director’s inability to pull the movie towards a logical ending was clearly visible. No way that 'Veera' could have a safe run at BO. Overall, this is quite a weak show from Ramesh Varma and Raviteja. Verdict of the Movie Veera: An outdated ‘Veera’ Kichidi formula.
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